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Hi there! I'm John Dunne, a game designer, inventor and part time

golfer. I also spent a lot of time on the driving range but putting,

I 'd only ever spend a few minutes and get bored.

I saw a problem I feel that many golfers face -

practice feels like hard work and should be fun. I asked myself,

'how can I transform the routine of practice into an exciting game?' I

That's when Puttie was born.

Puttie is a revolutionary blend of practice and play where each

swing brings you one step closer to mastery, while adding

a layer of fun to the process.

To keep the momentum going, I designed Puttie with a unique, patented slope that prevents the need to break your grip or posture to retrieve your ball. Just like a driving range, Puttie encourages the repeatability that sharpens your skills.

Designed with a versatile 10 foot silicone based mat mat and three levels of difficulty, Puttie challenges and engages golfers of all skill levels. Invite family to compete or play solo. The game progresses through distance and accuracy, offering a clear path to improvement.


But most importantly, Puttie is a game designed to be pure, unadulterated fun. When practice is enjoyable, it happens more often. And that is the simple idea behind the game.

Each Puttie is manufactured in Ireland and assembled right in my Dublin workshop, ensuring quality and care in every unit. I check every game that leaves my workshop. So why wait? Discover Puttie - the game that's become a 'gimme' for golfers around the globe.

John Dunne

P.S. Remember, play to learn and you learn truly how to play.

P.P.S If you are interested, do check out my other game at It's connect 4 but on a whole new level.


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